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Barky Pines Animal Rescue and Sanctuary: A Labor of Love

Elizabeth and Steve Accomando have a passion for animals. Originally from Broward County, where they had an auto body shop, they began rescuing dogs. Elizabeth said, “My husband and I always rescued animals. When we had our auto body shop, we had ten…

Moms for America standing together for liberty

Many of you were inspired by the role models of women in the Bible that Marina Hofman, Ph.D., shared with us last month. Today, I talk with Marina about Moms For America Palm Beach County—a movement of women committed to faith, family, and freedom…

Pushaw busts Fried campaign for fake news

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried and her Communications Director were caught amplifying a fake e-mail from Governor DeSantis this afternoon on their Twitter accounts.  The phony e-mail was targeted at DeSantis' supporters and asked if…

Polls show Florida Republicans poised for big win in 2022

With less than six months to go before the 2022 midterm elections, Florida Republicans are in a strong position at every level.  Biden's poor approval ratings have Republicans ahead in the generic ballot on the national level.  Polling aggregator…

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