About Jolt

PBC Jolt publishes news, opinion, politics, and lifestyle focusing on Palm Beach County and the State of Florida with an occasional foray into national news.

Gioachino Vincent Furnari owns PBC Jolt, more commonly referred to as Jack Furnari. Furnari owns PBCJolt.com through Jolt Media, Inc., a for-profit S corporation registered in Florida. Furnari is the only shareholder of Jolt Media, Inc.

At present, PBCJolt earns a small amount of revenue from advertising. Furnari provides the bulk of the financing for PBC Jolt as a community service.

PBC Jolt is an independent media outlet accountable to no one but our readers and our conscience.


Furnari is a conservative who works with the reality that he lives in a county dominated by democrats. He fights them when he can and works with them when he has to. He’s friends with some Democrats and political enemies of other Democrats.

We’ll report news viewed through a conservative prism, but we’ll be factual and fair. News will be labeled as news and opinion as opinion. Sometimes, we’ll mix news with a bit of commentary, which will be labeled News/Commentary.

PBC Jolt was founded, in part, to give a voice to people scorned by the mainstream media, parents of public school children, anti-maskers, supporters of medical freedom, conservatives, homeschoolers, the religious, the traditional, pro-lifers, libertarians, etc.

We will be here working for “We the People.”

PBC Jolt will never knowingly misstate a fact. We pride ourselves on being accurate and credible, even while being opinionated.

But like all human beings and endeavors, we can make mistakes. If you spot an inaccuracy or an error in any of our work, we ask that you email us at [email protected].

We’ll immediately investigate, and if we make a mistake, we’ll issue a prominent correction.

We will write without fear and tell you what is going on in the halls of power. We’ll be funny, tough, intelligent, and accurate.

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